Savannah Legacy Academy FAQ

Kindergarten through 8th.
Yes, we are a co-ed school.
The SLA offers a student-faculty ratio of 10:1. Many classrooms have multiple educator resources to ensure tailored, individual attention.
All students from Kindergarten through Grade 8 are required to wear the SLA School Uniform. There are also enhanced uniform days for Chapel. Uniforms can be purchased from A1 Uniforms.

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer transportation. However, we are partnered with several after-care bussing services that might be able to provide you with transportation. Please refer to the Transportation tab under Admissions.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Yes, Report Card days are half-days, where students are dismissed at 11:30 a.m. & the remainder of the day is used for parent/teacher conferences.

To enter our Kindergarten program, students must be at least 5 years old.

Current CDC guidelines advises that schools do not permit outside food to be brought in the school via catering service or ordering out lunches during the day & having the food delivered to the school. The CDC recommendation is that students bring a lunch from home, to discourage too many hands handling food. Therefore, students must bring a lunch from home.

The SLA has parents that have students in both public and private school, so we try to accommodate parents by closely following the public school calendar. Of course, we do observe standard holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Columbus Day, Election Day, MLK, President’s Day, a Fall Break and Spring Break, to name a few.

Yes, we have cameras both inside and outside of the facility, as well as all visitors must be buzzed-in to the building.

Yes, we are accredited through the GA Accrediting Commission.

Currently, we do not provide either a morning care or after care program.

Students are given 4 Progress Reports and 4 Report Cards throughout the year. Parents can also monitor student’s academics through our online school management system of QuickSchools. We also schedule regular parent-teacher conferences during which we review and discuss children’s progress.

Yes, we value and celebrate diversity and benefit from a culturally diverse student and family community. In addition to our own curriculum, where we teach about many countries, we invite our families to share their unique customs and heritages with their child’s classroom community, fostering an appreciation for other traditions.

All staff and students will have their temperatures checked prior to entering the school building and will have their temperatures checked again throughout the day. All staff and students will be required to wear face masks. Elementary students will remain in their classes throughout the day. Middle school students will only change classes two times during the day and prior to students moving, they will be required to wear both face masks and face shields. (The face shields will be provided by the school and students will put their names on their face shields and leave them at the school). SLA is also upgrading our HVAC system to include an air purification system, that will sanitize the air to eliminate airborne odors, mold spores, and bacteria. Lastly, we will be hiring a cleaning service to come in and clean and sanitize surfaces for another layer of protection.

We regularly send school-wide emails to parents with up to date information, as well as maintain an active calendar on the school website. We also have an online parent and student portal through our school management system of QuickSchools. And parent/teacher conferences are held every end-of 9 weeks reporting period.

Yes, we offer scholarships to students based off of their grades, test scores, and behavior records.

Homeroom is the room that your student reports to each day when they arrive at school. Homeroom is the first part of the day in which announcements are made, students are organized for the day, responsive classroom discussions occur, lunches are ordered and attendance is taken.

Core classes are approximately 55 minutes long, specials are 35 minutes long, lunch is 30 minutes long and recess is 20 minutes long. All core class switches will occur within your child’s the Academic Team, and these rooms are all beside each other. Teachers escort their students to all classes, electives, lunch and recess. Elementary students do not currently switch classes. They remain with their teacher throughout the day, who covers all subject materials.

All students will have Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA (English/Language/Arts) and Electives which include: Art, Gym, Computer, Library, and Bible.

Encourage your child to do their best to stay organized and write all of their assignments every day. If your child does forget an assignment, they should talk to their teacher about how to make it up. Some teachers will accept assignments late, but will deduct a few points. Sometimes students will be assigned time during recess to complete the missing assignments. Teachers will explain their homework policies during the first week of school.

Teachers assign different amounts of homework depending on what they are teaching. It is always a good idea to set aside at least a an hour every night to study and do homework.

Students are not permitted in the building before 7:45 am. Students must be in there homerooms by 8:05 am.

It is recommended that all parent drop offs take place in the “It’s Amazing” parking lot, across the street from the school. All parent pickups will occur in that same area and students will be dismissed at 2:30 pm.

Email is the most efficient way to communicate with teachers. All teachers have messaging capabilities through QuickSchools. If there is an emergency or a need to speak to a teacher, please contact the school office at 912-651-9662.

Students are allowed to bring a cell phone to school, but it must be turned completely off once they enter the building and remain off during the school day. While phones are a great way to get in touch with parents after school, there is no need for students to have cell phones during the day. If you don’t need to bring a phone, it’s best to leave it at home. Additional information can be found in the Student Handbook and Policy Manual.

Parents are asked to call the school at 912-651-9662 by to 7:45 a.m. to report a late arrival.

Parents are asked to send their child in with a note and have them report to the main office before school starts for an early dismissal pass. The student will then meet their parent in the office and they will sign them out. If they are returning to school, you may send them to the office for a pass back to class. You don’t need to come in to school with them.

If a student will be missing school for an extended period of time, they should schedule a meeting with their school administration in order to notify their teachers in a systematic manner. Documentations from parents must be provided in order to facilitate this process. Extended absences are not considered excused unless they meet the school criteria.

Please email your resume and any questions to if you are interested in this position.