Financial Aid

Savannah Legacy’s Mission:

The Savannah Legacy Academy recognizes that while our families view tuition as an important investment in their children’s future, it is a stretch for many. SLA is committed to supporting qualified students, regardless of a family’s ability to pay the full cost of tuition.



The Savannah Legacy Academy maintains confidential financial aid records for all applicants and recipients. These records are reviewed by the members of the Financial Aid Committee and, occasionally, by the Head of School or Business Director. All financial aid awards are confidential agreements between the recipient family and the School. Families may not discuss financial aid information with anyone other than Mrs. Margaret Brown, Financial Aid/Administrative Assistant to Business Director. Families who do not honor this confidentiality can have their award revoked at any time during the academic year.


Financing A Savannah Legacy Education:

The Savannah Legacy Academy is an independent school in Georgia committed to making its educational opportunities available to a diverse and talented student body. We offer need-based financial aid to a limited number of qualified students admitted to grades kindergarten through eighth. Limited funds are available, and the school may not be able to meet your full need.

In order to determine a family’s eligibility, Savannah Legacy reviews a Parent’s Financial Statement (PFS). This statement allows us to considers gross taxable income and non-taxable income, assets, liabilities, family size, and the number of students in tuition charging schools or colleges. After an allowance for basic living expenses and taxes, the remaining funds are considered discretionary income, a portion of which is available for education. This is used as a guideline in making financial assistance decisions. Financial assistance is need-based; awards will not exceed the family’s demonstrated need.


Financial Aid Process:

For students entering in the Fall, please submit:

  • Your Parent’s Financial Statement to the Savannah Legacy Academy via mail, email (Denise Brown), or personal delivery.
  • All W-2 forms must be submitted starting in January.
  • 1040 tax return must be submitted as soon as completed.


Financial Aid Policies:

  • Each family must re-apply for financial aid each year. Information is emailed to parents within 2 weeks of the re-enrollment.
  • Financial Aid awards are made for tuition only and does not cover any other miscellaneous charges
  • Should discrepancies be discovered in the financial information provided to Savannah Legacy’s Financial Aid Committee, we reserve the right to withdraw financial aid assistance at any time during the academic year.
  • New to Savannah Legacy students in grades 6th-8th, who qualify for need-based aid and who transfer from a public school, may have a portion of their financial aid funded through the GOAL Scholarship Program. If your assistance is covered though this program, you will be notified and asked to complete the appropriate paperwork. There is more information on the GOAL Scholarship Program on our website.
  • Financial Aid awards and applications are kept confidential. Recipients are also required to keep awards confidential.
  • Financial Aid is available to students in grades K – 8th


Additional Financial Aid Options

GOAL Scholarship:

  • In 2008, Georgia’s elected officials had the remarkable vision to pass the Education Expense Credit law to provide families in our state with access to better educational opportunities for their children. Their legislative leadership resulted in what has been described as the nation’s best education expense credit law. Since inception, the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program has been leading the way in implementing this important legislation through our ethical, transparent and proven approach.
  • The Georgia GOAL scholarship program associates do not determine the amount of financial aid a family is awarded for students meeting the eligibility requirements.


           To learn more about GOAL you can visit


ARETE Scholars:

  • Arete Scholars exists to help economically disadvantaged children reach their highest potential through educational opportunity. Through private contributions from corporate and philanthropic partners, Arete awards need-based K-12 scholarships and empowers parents to place their children in schools that best suit their unique gifts and learning needs.
  • Arete currently operates in Georgia under the state’s Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship Program and in Louisiana under the Tuition Donation Rebate Program. Scholarship eligibility is based on the income guidelines for the federal free and reduced lunch program (FRL), and award amounts range from $2,500 to $5,000 per year. Recipients are required to re-qualify each year.


         Arete scholarships are based upon private funds. The Savannah Legacy Academy does not play              any role in determining the amount of scholarship funds a family may be awarded.


AAA Scholarship Foundation:

  • Our donors are companies and individuals who care about their community and desire the opportunity to partner with AAA Scholarship Foundation for low-income families in an effort to create a brighter future for all of our children.
  • Each state has individual guidelines determined by the laws of that state and the accountability guidelines of the AAA Scholarship Foundation. Please choose your state to view details on participation. Please contact our office at 888-707-2465 for additional assistance in donating today!


        AAA scholarships are based upon private funds. The Savannah Legacy Academy does not play              any role in determining the amount of scholarship funds a family may be awarded.